Sophia is an acclaimed author of Bedside Coaching™ 7 Lessons of Empowerment in collaboration with Raymond Aaron, a New York No.1 Bestseller Author


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The book “Foreword” has been written by Marcia Martin,
CEO Power of Speaking Seminars


Sophia likes to call the book a “personalised workbook” which uses NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and mindfulness, combined with accredited coaching practices and tasks from the CTI Co-Active Coaching Programme and the Association of Executive Coaching, to help you achieve resilience, meet your personal and career goals and find harmony in your life. It is your “Nightly Wake Up Call”


Sophia’s Book Reviews


A beneficial resource for greater insight.

For those seeking guidance to achieve a better understanding of what has led them to certain points in life, and how to gain more awareness and mastery going forward, this is an ideal book. Through abundant thought-provoking exercises, the reader is encouraged and empowered to identify and address patterns and motivations to achieve desirable and valuable outcomes.

The book is written in such a manner that delving into each section can be done in convenient, manageable increments so as to allow the reader to remain on a steady and engaging journey. This book belongs at the bedside, seaside, or anywhere else that the reader wishes to take advantage of an opportunity to become more attuned, mindful, and on the path of their personal growth.

Dr. Ed Sherman

Organizational Consultant | Executive Coach | Leadership Development Sherman Consulting, San Diego

“If you want to be guaranteed a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, I recommend this book as the best tonic. You will find yourself ready to tackle your personal self-help journey.”

Ronel Lehmann

Founder and CEO Finito Education

“Bedside Coaching is a key tool in fulfilling one’s own potential. Empowerment starts from within and Sophia tackles the internal quandaries that obstruct oneself from getting on in life. Just like the process itself, it’s challenging – but in an accessible and positive way – practicing strict regimes of routine. For anyone who is serious about improving their lot, enriching and enlarging their own lives, her 7 Lessons of Empowerment are a must read”

Jonny Gould

Broadcaster, Podcaster, Agency Owner, TV & Radio Journalist.

“Self coaching is, for better or for worse, a rather intangible concept. Sophia manages to skilfully transcribe such concepts into something tangible, making it especially suited for those who are just embarking on such journey. For those who are already familiar with such concepts, Sophia’s book provides an essential pivot, granting an opportunity for reflection and reassessment.”


Physics and philosophy undergraduate student at King’s College London

“Great idea – it works while you sleep using proven NLP techniques – I received an advanced press review copy of this book, and it’s not what I was expecting. Sophia Petrides has put together a really innovative workbook programme that is designed to be consumed in bite size chunks with exercises and journaling to help you become more goal-focused and rooted in your personal values (as opposed to workplace norms, peer pressure and social media influence). What really makes it different is the setting – read it for 20 mins before bed. NLP and hypnosis work on a similar level, giving you information when your mind is in a better state to receive it. You go to sleep focused on your big picture life goals and strategies for making small effective changes, then you sleep on it and the next day, it’s much easier to do it”

Andrew Keith Walker

Technology Writer and Broadcaster

“Clarity and ease of access. There are many coaching books on the market but what this one offers is great clarity and ease of access. Everything suggested is attainable with the right attitude and the tasks at the end of each section ensure that you follow up and reinforce the advice given. Definitely an innovative coaching book with a sensible and no-nonsense approach. Would definitely recommend it.”

UK Amazon Book Review

“Light and informative. In my busy life I don’t usually have time to read and finish a book. However, I have found Bedside Coaching very easy to follow, it is very light to use when I travel and I love the fact I can use it as my personalised journal to write my thoughts as I read each chapter and the lessons learned following each coaching task. I love it and highly recommend it!”

Mrs M A Cox

“Bite size but bountiful. Does exactly what the title suggests – allows for easy dipping in for ongoing personal development. I am delighted with this book as it offers sound balanced coaching.”

UK Amazon Book Review

“So glad I took a chance on this. It has proven to be an invaluable resource. I have tried a couple of other coaching books but found them hard going and not particularly intuitive. This is a completely different approach, with everything broken into manageable chunks reinforced by innovative tasks. I love the addition of a journal which really brings everything together. I wanted something I could dip in and out of and I have found this to be excellent bedtime reading and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book”

US Amazon Book Review

“Absolutely enlightening. Highly recommended for anyone, any age. A new start. A new look at yourself, encouragement to go forward. Who wouldn’t benefit from this insight. Sophia Petrides knows exactly what she is talking about.”

US Amazon Book Review

“AMAZING BOOK!!! A very inspiring read that enables one to focus on their self-awareness, life purpose, creativity and so much more. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to take a personal journey that will enable you to make positive changes in your life”

US Amazon Book Review

“An easy way to reflect – Such a good way to do coaching, small digestible sections and truly is a bedside, night by night way to reflect and focus on what matters”changes in your life”

US Amazon Book Review

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