We are now six months into the year and what a year it has been. It has shaken us to our core and we have all had to get into a sort of survival mode, adapting to new workplace realities and fundamental changes to our way of life. As we get slowly back into normality, what comes next? How do we measure our progress when we are starting from a situation that is so confused and disrupted?

In the world before the lockdown, we had so many ways to measure performance we never stopped to think about why. Why measure performance? It sounds controversial, but it’s not. The answer isn’t obvious. We put so much emphasis on measuring performance because it’s easy to measure. Set targets for sales, budgets, revenue, P&L, score cards and so on. That’s easy compared to measuring the things that make a workplace effective and make leaders and teams grow and succeed. Things like empathy. Things like authenticity and trust. Things like courage. Things like community and teamwork….

Now, more than ever, we are realising those old KPI metrics aren’t always fit for purpose. There is a bigger picture in our lives and the goals we have set for ourselves. Values are the building blocks of performance – there are many studies out there to support that argument – our values create personal and professional environments that enable growth. KPI’s might measure how much sales has grown, but it’s only by measuring the Key Values in your workplace that you can understand how to enable a growth-promoting environment. If KPIs are the what, KVIs are the why.

Now is the time to reassess your values and ask yourself: which personal and business KVIs will help you reach your goals? I am very passionate about KVIs and I cover this in great detail in my book Bedside Coaching™ 7 Lessons of Empowerment. And here on LinkedIn, I will be taking a deep dive into each KVI in my book to help you see your own values from a different perspective.

If you need clarity on your personal and professional values, you can reach me on: sophia@petrides.consulting and book a FREE exploratory meeting with me.