Talent Retention Coaching Programmes

Attracting the brightest and best new talent has always been a key differentiator between organisations, however in today’s disrupted employment market it is clear that retaining new talent is vital. All business leaders recognise high staff turnover – especially young professionals – is a major headache in terms of performance, company culture and costs. 

Sophia’s Talent Retention coaching programme addresses the most commonly reported friction points that increase the turnover of young professionals within organisations.

Programme Outcomes:

  1. Greater alignment between company goals & young professionals’ career goals – using coaching sessions to help young professionals become skilled self-starters and more proactive in their team participation and decision making.
  2. A more cohesive and inclusive workplace for generations – using a series of exercises to develop soft skills (like authentic communication) to become more mindful of other team member experiences, expectations and interests. 
  3. Increased retention of younger professionals with improved onboarding and continuing professional development / mentoring – this is achieved by coaching senior leaders to address friction points for new hires.

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