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I am an International Leadership and Life Coach to Business Executives with corporate, financial, professional services and luxury brand consumer experience, gained over three decades.

Coaching transforms the way we live, lead and work. It is a way of life! It helps you to get into a mentality of continuous learning and growing and stay positive and focused.

I offer a unique executive coaching programme, tailored around your needs. The best coaching that makes a difference by putting you in control of your progress.

You decide what happens today, tomorrow, in a week, month and next year. I specialise in unlocking my client’s potential, empowering and inspiring them to achieve their personal and career goals. 

My approach uses NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and mindfulness, combined with accredited coaching practices from the CTI Co-Active Coaching Programme and the Association of Executive Coaches, to help you achieve resilience and harmony in your life.

I always begin with no-fee chemistry meeting to ensure I am the right coach for your needs.  Let’s identify your challenges and unlock your potential with a tailored coaching programme.

My services include:

One-to-One Coaching

Sophia is passionate about self-development and in particular using personal coaching as a method to achieve a well-balanced life. Coaching has been a large part of Sophia’s life and this has contributed towards her building an impeccable reputation in the financial services industry and known as being one of the best leaders in her field. Having one-to-one coaching, enables you to be focused and it also empowers and inspires you to be creative.

Part of her coaching method is to take a ‘deep dive’ into her client’s inner-self, to find out who they really are. Through intuitive questions, she may challenge, spark curiosity, energise or empower a client to see different perspectives of their lives. If they have specific challenges, her priority is to help them find the cause, rather than support them with finding quick solutions.

Team development workshops


Development of on-line courses

(completed August 2020)

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