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Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you know someone who’s feeling stuck in their lives and you want to help? We all know someone who is feeling anxious about the future, their job, finances, stress, kids, personal relationships…and it’s normal to feel that way too.

No matter how much you try to stay positive with a clear focus, it is never easy to do it alone. You need a strong support system – and that’s where Sophia’s expertise comes in.

Perhaps you want to reinvent yourself, following a job loss; you want to change career; you want that promotion; you are struggling from a relationship break-up or no matter how hard you try, you cannot achieve work/life balance…..

My specialised coaching programme builds step-by-step, to create achievable goals to get you where you need to be in your life and energize, motivate and empower you along the way – the best coaching that makes a difference by putting you in control of your progress!

If you have not previously experienced the power of personal coaching you may ask “what is coaching and how does this differ from therapy?”. Coaching focuses on the present time and it is a process that helps you get into a mentality of continual improvement. It prepares you to have a healthy state of mind to face challenges head on and manage these using positive emotions.

Therapy deals with the past and supports people with various problems relating to trauma, mental health issues, disorders etc. It takes a more passive and reflective approach. Therapy usually requires a long term commitment as they may need to go deep into the problem to find the cause and it can get very heavy going at some times.

Take the next step, and contact me. It will change your life!

My services include:

One-to-One Coaching

Sophia is passionate about self-development and in particular using personal coaching as a method to achieve a well-balanced life. Coaching has been a large part of Sophia’s life and this has contributed towards her building an impeccable reputation in the financial services industry and known as being one of the best leaders in her field. Having one-to-one coaching, enables you to be focused and it also empowers and inspires you to be creative.

Part of her coaching method is to take a ‘deep dive’ into her client’s inner-self, to find out who they really are. Through intuitive questions, she may challenge, spark curiosity, energise or empower a client to see different perspectives of their lives. If they have specific challenges, her priority is to help them find the cause, rather than support them with finding quick solutions.

Team development workshops


Development of on-line courses

(completed January 2021)

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