Ambition is a tricky one. It is our desire to win, to grow, to develop and to change. If we use ambition positively, it can lead to major transformation in our lives. If we don’t learn how to manage our ambitions, it can become the cause of performance problems.

Measuring it

We can see the “bigger picture” of our lives in terms of ambition. It frames the answers to the questions Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How can we get there? Ambition is a normal, healthy expression of our life goals. It also helps us identify potential blocks in our path, like a need for additional skills to progress beyond our current level at work. Ambition motivates us to implement strategies and solutions progress, like asking for coaching or professional development courses. While we each have different personal measures for, a lack of ambition can lead to stagnation, or worse, a sense of hopelessness.

During times of crisis, great leaders demonstrate compassion and empathy; offer a safe space so their people can express themselves openly without judgement, this also gives the space to be creative and innovative which in turn keeps team spirits high. That means enabling the healthy expression of ambitions – for both individuals and the team. It’s not about encouraging job-hopping or salary demands, it’s about giving people the freedom to shine and earn rewards through ambition.

Coaching Task:

Score yourself +1 each time you express healthy ambitions in these situations:

  • When you connect with family and make a positive change to the way you deal with shared activities (like chores, cooking, choosing what to see on TV or anything else that could be better)
  • When you make a positive change to the way you and your friends decide on shared activities, like eating out or watching a movie (this could be trying a new healthy restaurant or going alcohol-free without feeling peer pressured)
  • When you make a choice at work that makes you feel like you are progressing in your career (like asking for CPD or additional responsibilities)
  • When you grow your personal network or make new work connections that will improve your employability and opportunities (like growing your LinkedIn presence, following up conference events and webinars with emails and calls.)

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