People remember Leaders in Crisis!

This week I am taking a deep dive into the key value of Integrity. In business, we hear this word on a daily basis. However, how does integrity impact leaders, and promote positive change in businesses and people?

Integrity is the key value that measures how well we manage our own self-interest to support the interests of others around us. As a leader, you show integrity when you lead by example, or when you give credit to your employees where it is due. People with high integrity often downplay their own accomplishments – they aren’t modest, necessarily, but they are comfortable with the high standards they set and don’t need a slap on the back or admiration to acknowledge their competence. Integrity builds the respect your colleagues have for you through the respect you show them.


Measuring it

During crisis situations, great leaders stay very close to their people, they act decisively with agility but show empathy for their teams as they do so – even if this means being available 24/7.

As a parent, you show your integrity through the way you deal with your children. If you make a mistake you apologize to them, if they make mistakes you teach them. If you are angry and punitive, they will be too. Being mindful of your feelings and being solution focused helps to grow their respect for you and build positive habits for themselves.

If you are in a relationship, integrity might involve making the conscious decision not to control your emotional impulses over an argument and resolve it by actively listening; which means seeing the situation from your partner’s perspective and communicating empathetically.
Coaching Task

Take a moment to think of an area in your life, or a particular situation, where you had to make a decision that no one would know about. Score yourself +1 if the answers are yes… a higher score helps you build integrity and promote it in your team.

Did I lead by example?

Did I consider the other person’s needs as well as my own when I made the decision?
Did I make a decision that was as easy for the other person in the situation as it was for me?
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