Time for a mental workout?

Everyone knows you can coach physical fitness. You can increase stamina, build muscle, lose fat and train for events and endurance. The same is true of your mindset. The problem is we don’t have gyms and running tracks for our minds, like we do for our bodies.

This is why I am launching my 2022 Mental Fitness Coaching programme. Our mental muscles are our #values, our stamina is our sense of #purpose, our endurance is the #resilience to cope with pressures and disappointment. Losing mental fat means losing the time-wasting workplace habits we all fall into sometimes. Mental fitness means being more proactive, more mindful and taking better care of our mental health.

Join me! It’s easier to keep up than a gym membership…

I can help you to make more thoughtful decisions that would impact your life positively; feel more empowered and in control at work; achieve better colleague relationships and provide you with the right tools to manage stress and anxiety effectively.