Authenticity is a key value that is essential to successful communications and building sustainable business. It is the value that we associate most with trust, and trust increases talent retention and customer loyalty, and builds lasting client relationships.

What is authenticity? 

Put simply it is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Authenticity is the capacity to communicate honestly. Authentic leaders don’t sugar coat or flatter people to get results, they don’t dismiss ideas without fair discussion or issue directives without providing an opportunity for feedback. You promote authenticity when you express yourself in a way that invites dialogue through constructive criticism and solution-focused language. It is collaborating with others without blame or judgement.

Measuring it

Authenticity is about being the change you want to see in others around you. We build authenticity by talking openly about the things you understand – and not being afraid to admit the things you don’t. An authentic leader acknowledges their vulnerabilities and turns them into a strength that builds trust with their team members. If you aren’t a detail person, say so. If you’re not a blue-sky thinker, say so. Use your team effectively and they will respect you for it. The alternative is creating an environment where everybody suspects you are out of your comfort zone and underperforming, but nobody feels comfortable offering help. And that’s bad for both team morale and performance.

Coaching Task

Take time today to assess your leadership communications – score yourself +1 on each time you acknowledge a vulnerability or speak honestly (solution focused) to someone over a challenging issue. Score yourself extra if you used that authentic moment to motivate a colleague. Over time, the higher your Authenticity score, the better your team dynamics should come.

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