When I first met Luciano Pavarotti in 1990, it was at The Savoy where I helped his PR team set up a last minute interview. Whilst I was waiting to welcome Pavarotti, I was so surprised to see him walking down the corridor leaning on his bodyguards. Following the interview, I was invited to one of his performances at the ROH and I was so excited. At this point, I was also curious as to how he would perform when he needed support. However, when I saw him on stage the next day, he was unrecognisable. I was blown away by his energy on stage and his memorable performance brought tears to my eyes!!! When I was invited to his dressing room following his performance, I was lost for words and he graciously signed my programme. I then realised, he needed support from his team to preserve his energy for his performances and what an impact that made!

How are you using your energy today in both your professional and personal life, to make a positive impact on people and the environment around you?

In leadership, making a positive impact on your team results in talent retention and followership.